Barrels and Drums

History in the making. Stories and wine well worth sharing.

It’s an ageless tale of adventure and courage – one that never grows old or out of fashion. The essence of Barrels & Drums™ selection of alcohol-free wines transcends time and crosses borders. It creates a new culture.

Barrels & Drums™ inventive past celebrates the appearance of, and language spoken by, 18th and 19th century trading companies – the sailors and explorers who followed ancient trading routes across perilous oceans and over rugged terrain. Barrels & Drums™ romanticizes their adventures, and by doing so, encourages today’s consumers to stretch their own imaginations. Be brave. Be bold. Be open-minded. Make your own history. We have – and it’s great fun.

Barrels & Drums Commercial Features

  • It will never replace conventional wine, but Barrels & Drums™ offers an alternative for food pairing that’s better than juice, soft drinks, or other beverages.
  • Barrels & Drums is a set of de-alcoholized wines. This means they have been produced as conventional wines with alcohol, and through a de-alcoholization process, we remove the alcohol content to a minimum.
  • Chardonnay – white still; Merlot – red still; Chardonnay – sparkling; all below 0.5% alcohol by volume.
  • De-alcoholized wines that actually taste like wines.
  • Minimum amount of residual sugar.
  • Distinctive illustrations and unique, descriptive text on the labels establishes an upscale image – all in order for the consumer to dare having a bottle of alcohol free on the table without being ashamed.
  • Easy identification on the label for food pairing.

Alsnögatan 11, 116 41 Stockholm

Tel: 08-556 947 00


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