Comic Strip

Seriously, hunny, what were you thinking?!

Comic Strip

Since the early 18th century, people have laughed and enjoyed comics in different contexts. People like us. We have followed famous characters playfully bantering back and forth with their jokes and care-free attitudes. We just can´t get enough of it. We all have our favorites – characters who have been with us since the day we could first read, or even before that.

So what would you say about following the life of a rebellious couple? How about doing this while enjoying a glass of wine? Would you be surprised that you could do so on the label of your favorite wine? Well, let us present Comic Strip™. Comic Strip™ will always speak its mind, share an open-hearted relationship, and allow you to enjoy the good things in life.

Comic Strip™ challenges the traditional conservative wine industry by being irreverent, down-to-earth, unpretentious, and rebellious in every respect.

Comic Strip™ wine is a tribute to all of the couples around us!

Comic Strip™ commercial features

  • Classical origin, traditional grape varieties, but in a very different packaging.
  • A label with new mind-set; one that is playful and fun.
  • The brand is developed for consumer retail.
  • The brand focuses on its consumers; people who recognize themselves in the characters, or who just want to enjoy an unpretentious wine with the comics.
  • The brand allows a diverse variety of marketing activities to be utilized, whether in print, digital, social media or motion pictures.
  • The labels are developed to share the life of the consumers with an ongoing discussion that changes from time to time, with an open-minded, outspoken and rebellious way of seeing things. Comic Strip™ will always speak its heart!
  • The assortment of Comic Strip™ wines are sourced from Europe with classic single grape varietals. We always look for what the consumer wants!
  • The current portfolio of red, white and sparkling wines are from Italy.
  • Multiple varietals, all bottled under the same roof, and therefore easily offered on mixed shipments from the same location.

Alsnögatan 11, 116 41 Stockholm

Tel: 08-556 947 00


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