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This is Real World Wines

This is Real World Wines

RWW – Real World Wines is the Export and Travel Retail branch of the Swedish company Enjoy Wine & Spirits AB. RWW is the distributing company of Thr3 Monkeys, Barrels & Drums, Hidden Rock, and other to all international markets.

Some people refer to wines from the old world. Others discuss wines in terms of the new world. Not us. We’re talking about Real World Wines. These are wines that are neither from the past nor the future. They’re right here. Right now. Brands, products and concepts created to fit into our world as it really is today.

These products do not require a single drop of in-depth knowledge about drinks, terroirs, fermentation processes or “chateaus”. They are ready to be drunk and enjoyed just as they are. Or, more accurately, just as YOU are. Or, as YOU see fit. They are what they are. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Real World Wine believes that too many wines produced today are made by wine people, for other wine people. Not that there’s anything wrong with wine people. We are also wine people. The Real World Wines brands and products want to communicate in a much more direct, simple way that anyone can understand – whether you have in-depth knowledge, or are just a beginner. After all, we are all beginners at some point.

We urge everyone to enjoy wine, responsibly, but without a hint of formality. Whether it’s a casual gathering of family and friends, a picnic for two on a blanket in the park, a glass alone in front of the TV on a rainy Tuesday night, or at a karaoke bar somewhere in the farthest reaches of Asia.

And what you do, within the boundaries of common sense and rule of law, is okay with Real World Wines. If you choose, clothing is even optional. Follow your heart. Listen to your taste buds. Have a good time. If it’s fun, it’s good!

We’ve poured a great deal of knowledge, science, experience, energy, and especially love into our brands and products. Everyone who has specific expertise in wine, winemaking, sourcing, logistics, consumer insights, and sales and distribution are involved in the development. Our measuring stick for success is the Swedish retail monopoly “Systembolaget” and Swedish consumers. They are extremely picky and know what they want. We’re grateful to have the opportunity to work with such a demanding crowd. It means that we must constantly strive to do our utmost and actively work to develop better and better brands and products.

It is with great pride that we present our Real World Wines.


This is Real World Wines – Commercial

Real World Wines (RWW) is an overarching, or “umbrella” concept and subsidiary company identity for Enjoy Wines & Spirits AB. The umbrella concept covers all brands and products developed by us, and distributed on the global market. It is a contemporary company that is finely tuned in to the lifestyles and buying habits of consumers of today.

Our brands and products are especially designed and developed to appeal to consumers who buy wine for fun, parties, and other social occasions. For these people, wine is not an investment. It is purchased to enhance informal, leisure activities with friends and family.

These consumers may, or may not, have some knowledge about wine. But at the end of the day, the purchase is often a quick purchase in the local convenience store, influenced by a quick and often visual decision-making process. In-store conversion rates, visual attraction and a quick understanding of the content are key factors in the success.

Real World Wines brands and products, including label design, information, and tonality are developed for specific market and consumer segments. By appealing to several target audiences – several types and levels of consumers – trade purchasers can streamline distribution. (And, damn it all, if the product is developed and successful on off-trade, we’re not gonna push our partners for more on-trade distribution…)

Real World Wines sources and buys grapes or ready-made wines from close partner wineries and producers to ensure the quality and taste profile. The wine for a specific brand is then all bottled in the same partner facility in Europe. This means you can have red, white and rosé, perhaps from three different points of origin, shipped out of the same place. They may even already be in stock for quick deliveries.

Real World Wines operates on a “glocal” basis. We act on the “global” market, and always offer “local” adaptation when necessary due to market changes, local regulations, distribution systems or price sensitivity.

Enjoy Wine & Spirits AB – The company behind Real World Wines

Enjoy Wine & Spirits AB (Enjoy), founded in the 1970’s, is one of the largest importers and distributors of beverages in the highly competitive Swedish market, which covers the Swedish retail monopoly “Systembolaget” and on-trade segments.

Enjoy represents many of the largest and most attractive brands from the entire world of wine. We have been selected “Wine Importer of the Year” several times, and in 2014, we were also awarded the “Company of the Year” in Sweden.

In addition to the agency brands, Enjoy has been in front edge of developing private labels for many years. But there is much more to Enjoy than just a label. We also develop and promote brands and concepts that carry and support the labels and products. These are distributed in the Swedish market, as well as to more than 25 countries globally today. Please visit us at: www.enjoywine.se

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