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Thr3 Monkeys wines


We laughed a lot that summer.

We all know these THR3 characters. They could be animals, or maybe just caricatures of humans in our surroundings. Maybe they’re your friends. After all, these THR3 charming, rebellious and fun monkeys are like a lot of people. They are impossible to dislike. And if you like something, you’ll remember it.

The monkeys are always joking around and having fun. It’s easy to identify with them because they are just like you and me. Or again, just like that one, very special friend you have. You know the type: The one who “Never Listens”. The one who “Never Sees The Opportunity”. The one who should “JUST SHUT UP!”. Or maybe these THR3 monkeys are the perfect ice-breaker for a couple on their first date, or the topic of a lively conversation at a dinner party.

THR3 MONKEYS™ challenges the traditional, conservative wine industry by being unpretentious, simple and rebellious in every respect.

THR3 MONKEYS™ wine is a tribute to all of the world’s good friends. Thanks for being there!       

THR3 MONKEYS™ Commercial Features

  • Classical origins, traditional grape varieties, but in a very different packaging.
  • A very distinctive, attractive and fun label.
  • Developed for consumer retail.
  • The brand travels well and spans different cultures easily, with a strong sales track record in diverse marketplaces.
  • The brand focuses on its consumers – beginners to anyone who just wants a simple sip of wine, and their lifestyles – simply by not taking itself too seriously.
  • The brand allows a diverse variety of marketing activities to be utilized, whether in print, digital, social media or motion pictures.
  • The basic assortment of THR3 MONKEYS™ are;
    • Semi-sweet white wine from Spain or Germany
    • Semi-dry rosé wine from Spain
    • Semi-dry red wine from Spain
  • The label is independent of the juice. If there is a major opportunity, that might require adaptation, it could be the same label. For example, a red from Italy, or a white from Hungary or Spain, or… Challenge us!

Multiple varietals and origins, but all bottled under the same roof in Germany, and therefore easily offered on mixed shipments from the same location.


Packaging is clearly aimed at attracting a younger adult consumer. The animated drawings and slightly irreverent texts immediately communicate the easy-going attitude that THR3 MONKEYS™ brings to the table.

THR3 MONKEYS™ is made and developed for the off-trade segment – for retail sale and private consumption. This is not a wine that you would expect to find on a fancy restaurant menu.

THR3 MONKEYS™ label is friendly. Its light-hearted approach, with a mix of bold graphics and typefaces, is a direct challenge to the way information traditionally appears on wine labels. It’s all about visual attraction and in-store conversion.

Whether placed on the bottom, middle or top shelves, and independent of the labels THR3 MONKEYS™ is placed next to, THR3 MONKEYS™ stands out and easily differentiates itself – separating itself from the crowd.

THR3 MONKEYS™ uses a screw cap enclosure on the bottles, and god forbid trying to convince us to put on anything else. The response is simple, no cork screw necessary, and you will never be reminded of that when trying to open a bottle of wine at a picnic and far away from your kitchen cabinet. A slight turn of the wrist is all it takes.

This is a Fresh & Fruity wine. Not dry. Not fancy. It’s fruity. It’s fresh. Clearly stated, and in easy-to-read text. You do not have to remember if it was Riesling or Pinot Grigio that you had last time. Just remember the monkeys. And fresh & fruity. That’s all there is to it.

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