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Welcome to us – Enjoy Wine & Spirits

We are a family business with strong roots in Italy and the traditional world of wine. However, we supply wines from all over the world in our search for sensational experiences. We are proud of representing some of the most recognized and awarded producers in the world as well as the rising stars of tomorrow. With the width and depth of our portfolio we can offer superior experiences for the Nordic consumers covering all sales channels.

The Di Luca Family

In a world of curious customers and consumers with high demands, our aim is to be the preferred supplier by creating and conveying quality of life. Together with our partners we develop the best strategies to exceed our joint expectations. We simply walk the extra mile and always strive to improve. Together we create an environment which we are proud of enabling individuals and business to grow in a sustainable way. Of course, we should also have fun at work, every day.

Together we create success! We don’t believe in miracles. We believe in hard work and close collaboration. This is the basis for the strong position we have in the market today – of course in combination with a great knowledge of our market and the products we work with. We are part of the Gruppo Di Luca group which consists of three different companies

  • Family Business

    3:rd generation family business with focus on long term relations to producers.
  • Ontrade

    All trained professional sommeliers and a mix of key accounts and smaller fine wine customers.
  • Off-trade

    Focus on long term relation with the Monopoly with aim to increase current business and to create new.
We have a long-term relationship with Enjoy Wine & Spirits that extends beyond business. This relationship is also founded on shared values such as a passion for wine, a vision for sustainable business, and professional management that carries a significant sense of family.
Giorgio Pasanisi
Commercial Manager Umani Ronchi

A selection of our range of products

The process

How we work with our partners

Together with our partners we develop the best strategies to exceed our joint expectations. We simply walk the extra mile and always strive to improve.

  • Strong Family Business
    We are a family-owned business guided by a long-term perspective. Our strong values and corporate culture infuse our daily business.
  • Long term relationships with producers
    Together, we succeed! We think success comes from hard work and working closely with our partners. Our strong market position is due to our teamwork, good knowledge of our market, and the products we work with.
  • All channels – 360 route to market
    We believe in a comprehensive approach to market penetration across all channels, employing a 360-degree route to ensure coverage of all sales channels and touchpoints during product launches.
  • Full Inhouse Marketing Department
    Within our full-service 360° marketing department, we specialize in data-driven campaigns infused with insightful strategies. From concept development and creative production to PR & Event management. Our team aims to drive the industry forward with unparalleled competence and expertise.
  • Strong On-trade channel
    We apply strategic portfolio management to ensure our offerings align with customer preferences.

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We have been in the industry for almost 30 years

We are one of the largest wine importers on the Swedish market and one of Systembolaget's oldest suppliers of wine.

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