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Real World Wines

Real World Wines is the Export and Travel Retail branch of the Swedish company Enjoy Wine & Spirits.

Some people refer to wines from the old world. Others discuss wines in terms of the new world.
Not us.
We’re talking about Real World Wines. These are wines that are neither from the past nor the future.
They’re right here. Right now. 
Brands, products and concepts created to fit into our world as it really is today.

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Our products

Thr3 Monkeys wines

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Barrels and Drums alcohol free wines

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Hidden Rock

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Comic Strip

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RWW Travel Retail

Real World Wines targets also the Nordic Travel Retail market, with supply of the RWW products as well as a selection of agency brands represented by Enjoy Wine & Spirits AB in the Swedish market.
The Nordic Travel Retail market combines approx. 30 million inhabitants and estimated 70 million passengers annually.

The Nordic Travel Retail market includes:

  • Ferry Lines, such as Birka Eckerö, Viking Line, Tallink Silja Line, Stena Line etc
  • German border trade, meaning retail shops in Germany bordering to Denmark
    Danish border trade, meaning retail shops in Denmark bordering to Sweden
  • Airlines and airline service providers, such as SAS, Thomas Cook Airlines, Gate Group, Norwegian, etc
  • Airport duty free, such as Heinemann, Nuance Group, etc

Contact us

Mr Kristian Lindén, Export Director
+46 70 292 24 85


Enjoy Wine & Spirits AB
Alsnögatan 11
SE-116 41 Stockholm, Sweden
+46 8 556 947 00

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